Top 100 MLM Companies in the world as of 2024

The term ‘Multi-level marketing’ has revolutionized marketing concepts and introduced new tactics to achieve global success. MLM emerged as one of the most popular business models and gave individual entrepreneurs the opportunity to own a business of their own. Unlike other businesses, MLM provided flexibility, compensation packages, training, and support. It is a new way of distributing products and services by recruiting new members and building strong relationships.


There are thousands of companies that have adopted network marketing and become self-sufficient. Here is a list of the top 100 MLM companies that operate globally. They are reputed direct-selling companies that offer high-quality products and services to their potential customers.

top mlm company
Rank Company Country Founded Headquarters Compensation structure Primary Market Website Photo
1 Amway logo Amway United States 1959 Ada,Michigan,United States Multi-level United States Amway Global Amway company front view
2 MLM Company Avon logo Avon products Inc. United States 1886 London,united kingdom Multi-level United States Avon products Inc. Avon products Inc.
3 herbalife company logo Herbalife United States 1980 Los Angeles, California, U.S. multi-level United States Herbalife Herbalife
4 Infinitus company logo Infinitus China 1992 Hongkong,china NA CHINA Infinitus Infinitus
5 Vorwerk company logo Vorwerk Germany 1883 Wuppertal, Germany Single level United States; Mexico; Europe Vorwerk Vorwerk
6 Natura company logo Natura Brazil 1969 Cajamar, São Paulo/Brazil Single level Brazil Natura Natura company
7 Nu skin company logo NU SKIN United States 1984 Provo, Utah, USA Multi level China NU SKIN Nu skin
8 coway mlm company logo COWAY South Korea 1989 Seoul, South Korea NA Asia COWAY coway
9 Tupperware MLM company logo Tupperware United States 1946 Orlando, Florida Single-level and Multi-level Asia Tupperware Tupperware
10 Young living MLM company logo Young Living United States 1993 Lehi, Utah Multi-level United states Young Living Young living
11 Oriflame company logo oriflame cosmetics Switzerland 1967 Switzerland Multi-level Europe oriflame cosmetics Oriflame office
12 rodan + Fields-logo Rodan + fields United States 2008 San Francisco, California Multi-level united states Rodan + fields Rodan + Fields
13 jeunesse-logo Jeunesse United States 2009 Lake Mary, Florida Multi-level Asia Jeunesse Jeunesse
14 Ambit Energy company logo Ambit Energy United States 2006 Dallas, Texas Multi-level united states Ambit Energy Ambit Energy office photo
15 DXN-LOGO DXN MARKETING SDN BHD Malaysia 1993 Alor Setar, Malaysia Multi-level Malaysia, Bolivia, Europe, Gulf, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Thailand DXN MARKETING SDN BHD
16 POLA-logo Pola Japan 1929 Tokyo, Japan single-level NA Pola pola
17 o-boticario-logo O Boticário Brazil 1977 São José dos Pinhais, State of Paraná, Brazil Multi-level Brazil O Boticário
18 usana-logo usana Health Sciences United States 1992 Salt Lake City, Utah Multi-level Greater China usana Health Sciences usana Health Sciences
19 Belcorp-logo Belcorp Peru 1968 Lima, Peru single level Latin America Belcorp Belcorp
20 Atomy-logo Atomy South Korea 2009 Gongju, South Korea Multi level south korea Atomy
21 utility-ware-house-logo Telecom plus United Kingdom 1997 London, England Multi level United kingdom Telecom plus
22 Yanbal-logo Yanbal international Peru 1967 Lima, Peru Multi level Peru Yanbal international Yanbal international
23 market america-logo market america United States 1992 Greensboro, North Carolina single level united states market america
24 pm-international-logo pm-international Luxembourg 1993 Schengen, Luxembourg multi level Germany pm-international pm-international
25 stream-logo stream United States 2004 Dallas,Texas multi level United states stream stream
26 teamnational-logo Team National United States 1997 Davie, Florida multi level united states Team National teamnational
27 Amorepacific-logo Amore pacific South Korea 1945 Seoul, South Korea NA NA Amore pacific Amorepaciifc
28 Arbonne logo Arbonne international United States 1980 Irvine, California Multilevel United states Arbonne international Arbonne
29 hinode logo Hinode Brazil 1988 Sao Paolo, Brazil Multilevel Brazil Hinode
30 plexuslogo plexus United States 2008 Scottsdale, Arizona Multilevel United states plexus plexus
31 medifast logo optavia/medifast.Inc United States 1981 Baltimore, Maryland Multilevel United states optavia/medifast.Inc medifast
32 Miki corp company logo Miki corp Japan 1966 Osaka, Japan NA Japan Miki corp Miki corp
33 faberlic logo Faberlic Russia 1997 Moscow, Russia Multillevel Russia Faberlic faberlic
34 scentcy logo scentsy United States 2004 Meridian, Idaho Multillevel United states scentsy scentsy
35 monat-logo Monatglobal United States 2014 Doral, Florida Multillevel United states Monatglobal
36 younique-logo Younique United States 2012 Lehi, Utah Multillevel United states Younique younique-main-office
37 Fordays logo For Days Japan 1997 Tokyo, Japan Multillevel Japan For Days Fordays-office
38 world ventures-logo World Ventures United States 2005 Plano, Texas Multillevel United states World Ventures Worldventures-office
39 cosway-logo Cosway corp.Ltd Malaysia 1979 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia NA Malaysia Cosway corp.Ltd cosway-office
40 Nature's sunshine-logo Nature's sunshine United States 1972 Lehi, Utah Multi-Level United states Nature's sunshine Nature's sunshine-office
41 pruvit-logo Pruvit United States 2016 Louisville, Kentucky Multi-Level United states Pruvit
42 beautycounter-logo Beautycounter United States 2013 Santa Monica, California Multi-Level United states Beautycounter Beautycounter-office
43 4life-logo 4Life Research United States 1998 Sandy, Utah Multi-Level United states 4Life Research 4life-office
44 LG Household & Health care-logo LG Household & Healthcare South Korea 1947 Seoul, South Korea NA Asia LG Household & Healthcare LG Household & Health care-office
45 global-life-logo Family Heritage life United States 1989 Cleveland, Ohio Single level United states Family Heritage life
46 vivint-logo Vivint United States 2010 Provo, Utah Single level united states Vivint vivint-office
47 Noevir Japan 1964 Tokyo, Japan Single level Japan Noevir
48 hycite enterprises-logo Hy cite enterprises,LLC United States 1959 Madison, Wisconsin Multi- level United states Hy cite enterprises,LLC hy cite-office
49 pro-partner-logo pro-partner Taiwan 1993 Taipei, Taiwan Multi- level Asia pro-partner
50 pureromance-logo pure Romance United States 1993 Cincinnati, Ohio Multi- level United states pure Romance pure romance-main office
51 Naturally-plus-logo Naturally Plus Japan 1999 Tokyo, Japan Multi- level Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia Naturally Plus Naturally-plus-office
52 new-image-logo New Image Group New Zealand 1984 Auckland, New Zealand Multi- level Taiwan New Image Group
53 prowin-international-logo Prowin International Germany 1995 Illingen, Germany single level Germany Prowin International
54 morinda-logo Morinda United States 1996 American Fork, Utah Multilevel United states Morinda morinda-office
55 menard-logo Menard Japan 1959 Nagoya, Japan Multilevel Japan Menard menards-office
56 cutco-logo Cutco/Vector marketing United States 1949 Olean, New York single-level United states Cutco/Vector marketing Vector marketing
58 arix-logo Arix United States 2011 Phoenix, Arizona Multi-level North America Arix arix-mainoffice
59 southwestern-advantage-logo South western Advantage United States 1855 Nashville, Tennessee Single level United states South western Advantage
60 lifevantage-logo Lifevantage United States 2003 Sandy, Utah Multi-level United states Lifevantage lifevantage-office
61 vida-divina-logo Vida Divina United States 2016 Fontana, California Multi-level united states Vida Divina vida divina-office
62 KK Assuran Japan 1994 Fukuoka, Japan Multi-level japan KK Assuran
63 vestige-logo Vestige Marketing India 2004 New Delhi, India Multi-level India Vestige Marketing vestige-office
64 NHT Global-logo NHT Global United States 2001 Hong Kong Multi-level Hong Kong NHT Global Nht-global-office
65 hillarys-logo Hillary's Blinds United Kingdom 1971 Nottinghamshire, England Single level United Kingdom Hillary's Blinds
66 Giffarine-logo Giffarine skyine unityco. Thailand 1996 Bangkok, Thailand Multi- level Thailand Giffarine skyine unityco. giffarine-office
67 Bearcere'Ju co.Ltd-logo Bearcere'Ju co.Ltd Japan 1992 Tokyo, Japan NA Japan Bearcere'Ju co.Ltd
68 mannatech-logo Mannatech United States 1993 Flower Mound, Texas Multi-level United states Mannatech mannatech-office
69 youngevity-logo Youngevity United States 1997 Steve Wallach Multi-level United states Youngevity youngevity-office
70 princess-house-logo Princess House United States 1963 Taunton, Massachusetts Multi-level United states Princess House
71 charle-logo Charle corporation Japan 1975 Kobe, Japan Multi-level Japan Charle corporation charles-office
72 diana-logo Diana Japan 1986 Tokyo, japan single level Japan Diana
73 Naris-logo Naris Cosmetics Japan 1931 Osaka, Japan Multi level NA Naris Cosmetics
74 maruko-logo maruko Japan 1978 Japan NA Japan maruko
75 mp-logo Marketing personal Colombia 1999 Medellin, Colombia Single level Colombia Marketing personal
76 Immunotec Research Ltd company-logo Immunotec Research Ltd Canada 1996 Quebec, Canada Multi-level Mexico Immunotec Research Ltd immunotec-office
77 Asea-global-logo ASEA United States 2010 Pleasant Grove, Utah Multi-level United states ASEA Asea-company-office
78 color-street-logo Color street United States 2017 Clifton, New Jersey Multi-level United states Color street
79 world-global-logo World Global Network United States 2011 Miami, Florida Multi-level United States; Asia; Europe World Global Network
80 usborne-logo Usborn Books & More United States 1989 Tulsa, Oklahoma Multi-level United states Usborn Books & More
80 truvision-health-logo Truvision Health United States 2014 Draper, Utah Multi-level United states Truvision Health
81 C'BON-LOGO C'BON Cosmetics Japan 1996 Tokyo, Japan NA Japan C'BON Cosmetics
82 xyngular-logo Xyngular United States 2009 Lehi, Utah Multi-level United states Xyngular xyngular-office
84 zhulian-logo Zhulian Marketing Malaysia 1989 Penang, Malaysia Multi-level Asia Zhulian Marketing zhulian-office
85 Nefful-logo Nefful Singapore 2014 Singapore Multi-level Taiwan Nefful
86 mydailychoice-logo Mydailychoice/Hempworx United States 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada Multi-level United states Mydailychoice/Hempworx mydailychoice-office
87 perfectly-posh-logo Perfectly posh United States 2011 Salt Lake City, Utah Multi-level United states Perfectly posh perfectly-posch
88 Energetix-logo Energetix Germany 2002 Bingen am Rhein, Germany Single-level Germany Energetix
89 Zurvita-logo Zurvita United States 2008 Houston, Texas Multi-level United states Zurvita zurvita-office
90 Arsoa-logo Arsoa Honsha Japan 1972 Yamanashi, Japan Multi-level Japan Arsoa Honsha
91 Bestworld-logo Best world International Ltd Singapore 1990 Singapore Multi-level Asia Best world International Ltd
92 Hai-o-logo Hai-O Malaysia 1992 Selangor, Malaysia NA Malaysia Hai-O Hai-o-office
93 koyo-logo Koyo-Sha Japan 1975 Gife,japan Multi-level Japan Koyo-Sha
94 shinsei-logo Shinsei Home service co.Ltd Japan 2004 Kobe City, Japan Multi-level NA Shinsei Home service co.Ltd
95 captain-tottue-logo Captain Tortue Group France 1993 Aix-en-Provence, France Multi-level France Captain Tortue Group
96 Chandeal co.Ltd Japan 1985 Tsuneo Nakashima Multi-level Japan Chandeal co.Ltd
97 Grant E One's Japan 2005 Fukul, Japan NA Japan Grant E One's
98 Nikken-logo Nikken United States 1989 Irvine, California Multilevel United States; Mexico Nikken
99 zinzino-logo Zinzino Sweden 2005 Vastra Gotaland, Sweden Multilevel Sweden Zinzino zinzino-office
100 Pieroth Wein Germany 1675 Burg Layen, Germany Single level Germany Pieroth Wein