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In present days, the wide and large network will allow MLM to dominate the marketing world into a new yard that can expand its business empire. Today there are many types of multi-level marketing plans available for all types of organizational structures. Some MLM plans are Binary, Matrix, Uni-Level, Hybrid, stair step, Help, Recharge, and Board etc. An MLM software development company plays a big role in the success of your MLM business plans. These days, almost all companies apply the MLM program to take their business to the next level. The latest transformation is important with the development of technology.

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Business MLM Software Solution is one of the famous and leading MLM Software development companies today. Our fully-featured, customized MLM Software helps you to meet your unique needs and requirements. In this article, we explain how the board plan MLM Software works and the partitioning features of the plan.

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What is MLM Board Plan?

The Board Plan is a unique system that ensures your success and gives all board members the opportunity to benefit from their efforts. Considering all MLM Plans, the best income-based plan will be the “Board MLM Plan”. The plan is based on a separate board that is an extension of the Matrix Compensation Plan, as its name implies. So it is called a Revolving Matrix Plan.

This plan became popular because it could be easily played even by a few people, friends, colleagues, and family. Since there are a limited number of members on a board, this plan is very easy to manage and the payouts are excellent.

When the number of members in the board plan exceeds a certain limit, the board is divided into two sub-boards, elevating the best member to a higher level. This is repeated whenever a Board reaches the maximum number of members allowed.

Types of Board MLM Plan

MLM Software Business MLM Plans
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How does the MLM Board Plan work?

The MLM board plan has a 2X2 matrix design. It is also known as the 2X2 matrix cycle or revolving Matrix Plan and it follows the sponsor board/matrix cycle.

When you join the MLM board plan, you will be given a blank board with several columns and rows. The range of the board may differ from one company to another. Members will receive compensation when they fill in the columns with new associates or members.

The MLM board plan is works based on the two-leg concept. Each level is limited to two legs. In this, the sponsorships are limited to two members’ legs at your first level, and your downline is limited to two-level depths, which means this plan allows you to sponsor two members on the first level and four members on the second level. In total, it provides a complete matrix cycle of 6 people.

In this plan, you have to pay the membership fee, which ensures that you start earning from the day you start your MLM business. This is equally beneficial to the members as the MLM Company pays twice as much as the joining fee upon completion of each level. As an admin, you can determine the commission amount.

What is Board Plan MLM Software?

Board Plan MLM software is a web application, that supports you to implement the Board Plan MLM series. It manages all boards automatically and transfers leaders from the lower board to the upper board, introducing new joiners to their downline on the initial board. The board represents boards with MLM software, multi-color, and attractive designs that are easy for every MLM leader and the average user to understand.

Business MLM Software Solutions provides web-based, customized, and fully featured board MLM plan software and our goal is to convert the board plan to the board plan MLM software according to your needs.

Our professional and talented MLM software development team has decades of experience in developing highly featured board MLM plan software and continuously introducing new features and features in Board plan MLM software.

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Features of Business MLM’s Board plan MLM Software

Commissions provided by Board MLM Plan Software

The aim of commission in MLM Network is to increase the activity of your suppliers by motivating the team by offering attractive compensation. It helps board MLM leaders find more possibilities and build a stronger network. You can always configure compensation rules in our system based on company requirements.

Sponsor or Referral Commission

This commission get to the sponsor who adds members to downline.

Level Commission

When the distributor fills new members into each level of the board plan tree, he gets the level commission.

Board completion or cycle Commission

When the distributor completes the one cycle or board and promotes to a higher board, he will receive the board completion commission

Re-entry Commission

When the direct downlines in a board complete a Board and get a reentry position, the sponsor will get the re-entry commission.

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Benefits of using our Business MLM’s Board plan MLM Software

As a leading MLM software company, Business MLM Software Solutions provide fully-featured customized MLM software for the Board Matrix MLM Plan This is especially useful for MLM business owners and individual distributors and many companies have begun to adopt the MLM concept as the backbone of our software. By using our MLM software, you can create trusted affiliates online.